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Please note that the graphic design of each of these websites match the given client´s preferences.

editionsdesrosiers-ecommerce (sml)editionsdesrosiers-ecommerce-article (sml)
Editions des Rosiers
for psychology and various literature
Paris, France



ps-ebri (sml)ps-ebri-2 (sml)
European Brain Research Institute
Scientific Foundation of
Rita Levi-Montalcini
(Italian Nobel Price Laureate).
Rome, Italy



ps-travels-with-susan-spano (sml)ps-travels-with-susan-spano-gallery (sml)
Susan Spano: Travel writer affiliated with
the LATimes and the NYTimes

"Mediavince produced for me
a website I´m proud of!
The approach was efficient, knowledgeable and creative."
Susan Spano


ps-agritorello (sml)ps-agritorello-residence (sml)

Agroturism in Calabria


ps-la-roma-che-vorrei (sml)ps-la-roma-che-vorrei-info (sml)
Association in Rome


exelab (sml) ps-ombre-e-luci (sml)www.ombreeluci.it
Christian journal for the family and friends of mentally challenged and disabled people
(in collaboration with Exelab)


ps-scuola-koala (sml)ps-scuola-koala-slideshow (sml)
School Website redesigned and restructured to implement a better communication tool with the parents


ps-rimskijrim (sml)ps-rimskijrim-rome (sml)www.rimskijrim.com
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
for a Russian website.
Веб-разработка в соответствии с вашими потребностями и хорошее SEO-размещение! MediaVince: Ваш контент в первых рядах!


ps-eni-net (sml)ps-eni-net-membre (sml)www.eni-net.org | www.eni-net.eu
The European Neuroscience Network allows young investigators to collaborate and work more effectively accross Europe


ps-aem-sang (sml)ps-aem-sang-recherche (sml)
Association for the study of blood related illnesses in Hotel-Dieu of Paris, France


ps-rfid-italia (sml)exelab (sml)shop.rfiditalia.com (on rfid.thebizloft.com )
E-commerce developed in Ruby On Rails and using the Italian Banca Sella banking system
(in collaboration with Exelab)


Neuro-plasticity lab
European Framework Programme 7
& Marie Curie Initial Training Network
at the Santa Lucia Foundation in Roma and Torino, Italy


ps-gaif08 (sml)ps-gaif08-audio-recordings (sml)www.gaif08.org
2008 Global Agro Industries Forum conference in New Dehli - India organized by the (FAO) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in collaboration
with UNIDO, IFAD and the Government of India

Check out the popular Forum of the conference

"Media Vince has provided us with reliable service and prompt support with detailed customer care during our e-forum."
Ayurzana Puntsagdavaa, GAIF Forum moderator


ps-ateliers-chateaubriand (sml)ps-ateliers-chateaubriand-programmation (sml)www.atelierschateau.it
E-commerce and Booking on-line of after school activities for students of the French and International school Chateaubriand
in Rome, Italy

"Our website was designed to manage the database of our 300 members and all the 75 hours per week of activities of the association and also to arrange on-line registration and payment.
This was done perfectly by Media Vince, with a user friendly interface both on the administration and user side and a zero default client service."
Anne-Gael Chapuis, President, APEC, Lycée Chateaubriand, Rome


ps-etrusca-immobiliare (sml)ps-etrusca-immobiliare-catalog-search (sml)Etrusca Immobiliare
Real Estate in Tuscany, Italy
(in collaboration with Mauros.net)


ps-nodes (sml)ps-nodes-menu (sml)
Italian High-tech company offering business and data-quality solutions.


ps-francais-de-rome (sml)ps-francais-de-rome-espace-membres (sml)www.francaisderome.com
L`Union, association since 1929 for the French and Francophiles residing in Rome and its vicinity, provides a forum to exchange ideas and practical information for a better Roman living experience.


ps-acomer (sml)ps-acomer-expositions (sml)

Contemporary art association based in Burgundy, France

Also designs using MySQL and PHP on a flash interface integrating pictures and videos (includes newsletter).

And many more... including websites for clients in the United States like neuro-scientific laboratories at Stanford University, (California), Digital Transfer USA, Cyril Video or Faithworks.

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